From the time she was born, this woman had stars in her eyes. August O’neal is originally from Westerville, Ohio-a suburb of Columbus. She started off as a youngster in school musicals and plays. She eventually gravitated towards modeling and was even 4th Runner-up in the Miss Columbus Pageant, where she also won Miss Congeniality. After running the streets and losing focus, she moved west and was able to land a spot on Soul Train.

However, LA was too much for the small-time girl, so she moved to Phoenix and started a career with the Phoenix Police Department as a 911 Operator, all the while, still going to LA every month to dance on Soul Train. Miss O’neal found herself back in the arms of LA in 2007 and promised herself she wouldn’t throw in the towel. She can be seen on Hell Date season 1, episode 21, a quick/feature in Hancock with Will Smith, Prom Night w/Idris Elba. In 2013, she ventured into stand- up comedy. She has several comedy showcases under her cape, and she has opened for Michael Kosta and Grant Lyon.

Recently, she was part of the Divas of the Desert Comedy show. Miss O’neal is quickly making a name for herself and she recently headlined her first comedy show at the Pink Rhino. She has a commanding presence and had the audience’s attention with her routine, her sassisness, that one-legged catsuit, and her cape. This summer she will be co-starring in a film with Gary Anthony Sturgis of Tyler Perry movie fame. I hope the world is ready for the Marilyn Monroe of Comedy!

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